The Interdependence and Indivisibility of the UNCRC: Implementing and Understanding the Right to Play and the Convention

The child’s right to play has historically been overlooked in favour of other children’s rights. Yet, children’s rights are interrelated and interdependent. This symposium looks to investigate the relationship between the right to play and the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a whole. It will explore how implementation of the right to play assists in the implementation of other convention rights, and vice versa. This symposium is the first of its kind, applying the right to play to the broader children’s rights framework and reflecting on the impact this may have for advocacy, implementation and realisation of the right to play. The symposium includes contributions from academics, non-governmental organisations, advocates, and policy experts from across the globe, including the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Contributions will provide recommendations for policy and practice, as well as critical academic debate. The event will foster relationships for future collaboration and impact.