Roundtable in memory of Richard Terry (Northumbria)

Claudine Van Hensbergen
An Introduction to Richard Terry’s Work

Christine Gerrard
Mock Heroic: A ‘Life Unaccompanied by Satire’

David Taylor
Richard Terry on Words, Concepts, and the Arrival of ‘Literature’

Ros Ballaster
Friendship no Fallacy: Richard Terry’s Contribution to Feminist
Recovery and the Study of Women’s Writing

Jim McLaverty
Pope and Banking: Richard Terry Uncovers the Inauthenic Life?

Abigail Williams
Richard Terry and the Postscript

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SEMINAR LEADERS: Ros Ballaster, Ellen Brewster, Christine Gerrard, Katie Noble, Nicole Pohl, David Taylor, Ben Wilkinson-Turnbull, Abigail Williams.

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