Proselytisation and Religious Freedom in Bangladesh

co-hosted with the South Asian Law Discussion Group

A democratic state has a duty to protect the human rights of religious minorities. Though in Bangladesh religious minorities are, in general, free to enjoy their religious freedom, those Christians who try to convert (proselytise) people in Bangladesh are often victims of violence. This paper will examine the situation surrounding both the freedom to convert others (to proselytise), and the freedom one has to change his or her religion in Bangladesh. It will address (a) why a state has a duty to respond to this situation (b) what specifically a state should do to respond and© why a state’s obligation should be framed in this way.

There will be a blogger at this event: Asmita Singhvi, a BCL student at Somerville College. She graduated from Jindal Global Law School in 2018 and received the Hermant Sahai Associate Award to pursue the BCL. She is interested in constitutional theory and commercial law.