The Composition of Asteroid Bennu and Predictions for the Returned Sample -- by Dr Vicky Hamilton, NASA

The talk will be live-streamed on the Oxford University Scientific Society’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account,

Dr. Hamilton is a geologist interested in planetary evolution with a focus on Mars and small bodies. Her laboratory and remote sensing research addresses rock, mineral, and meteorite spectroscopy, planetary surface composition and geology, numerical modeling of infrared spectra, and surface thermophysical properties. Hamilton built, operates, and manages a multi-instrument reflectance and emission spectroscopy laboratory at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO USA. Her mission experience includes serving as the Deputy Instrument Scientist (DIS) for the OSIRIS-REx thermal emission spectrometer (OTES), Deputy Principal Investigator (DPI) for the THEMIS instrument on the Mars Odyssey mission, and DPI of the thermal emission spectrometer (L’TES) on NASA’s Lucy mission. She is also a science team Co-Investigator on all three of those missions and is the lead for the spectral analysis working group on OSIRIS-REx. Dr. Hamilton also was a Participating Scientist on the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission and was an affiliate of the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer science team. She received her undergraduate degree in Geology at Occidental College (Los Angeles) and her Ph.D. in Geology at Arizona State University.