Societal Impact of Novo Nordisk Foundation grants

Abstract: Since 1927, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded grants to public research institutions. The Foundation supports research within biomedicine, biotechnology, general practice and family medicine, nursing, and art history. In 2015, the Foundation established an impact assessment group that has earned a department status in September 2018. The aim of the new ‘Department of Impact Assessment’ is to understand how research works and how outcomes and impacts are realized through a variety of translational chains and knowledge exchange channels. We track the Foundation’s payouts for research, education, innovation and other purposes that lead to the production of knowledge and other activities and outcomes such as changes to clinical and treatment guidelines; development of new research methods, diagnostic tools, or interventions; as well as activities that may influence other researchers, the public sector and private companies and may eventually contribute to economic growth and the health and well-being of people.

Biography: Gert Vilhelm Balling, PhD, CBA, RTTP is Senior Scientific Officer Manager at the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark since 2014. He is responsible for the implementation and continuous development of impact assessment in the Foundation as well as presentation of impact results to internal and external stakeholders. He has a seat in the Researchfish Steering Board and the NIHR External Reference Board on impact assessment and was selected as school director for The International School of Research Impact Assessment in 2017. Gert has a job background in technology transfer, evaluation and organization build-up on a national and international scale, and has on more occasions acted as an independent expert on commercialization of research results by the EU Commission. In his spare time Gert is also active in outreach activities and has received more nominations and awards for science dissemination projects, i.e. the Genius Award from the Danish science journalist and a nomination for the EU commission’s Descartes Prize.