Energy Seminar – week 1: Consumers, citizens or carbon-saving champions? Individuals and their place in net zero energy policy - Tina Fawcett in person

Tina Fawcett will speak in person at the ECI, Atmosphere Room, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, South Parks Road, Oxford. If you wish to join online please register (link below) to automatically receive the TEAMS webinar link.

Update:  Tina Fawcett will be joined by co-speaker Yael Parag Cohen ( with a slight adjustment to the focus of the talk to: ‘Changing roles for individuals and organisations in the net zero transition.  Policy and Governance perspectives.

Responding to the climate emergency is a UK priority, however, the role for individuals is unclear – must they be active citizens co-creating the transition, consumers responding to economic signals, both of these, or neither? This talk shows how individuals are currently conceptualised in energy policy and how this differs between policy instruments. It considers future policy, future people, the pluses and minuses of different visions of individual participation.