Challenges of decarbonising the UK energy system

Juliet Davenport, CEO and Founder of Good Energy, will be speaking about the challenges faced in decarbonising the UK energy system. A true renewable industry entrepreneur, Juliet built Good Energy from scratch, starting from small beginnings more than 15 years ago. Her mission then, as it is now, was to tackle climate change, help deliver energy security for the UK, and give consumers the opportunity to buy 100% renewable electricity.

Juliet’s belief in the role renewables can and must play in an environmentally sustainable, economically affordable and diverse energy supply structure grew out of an early interest in climate change, which she studied as part of her physics degree at Oxford University. Her views were subsequently reinforced while working on an internship with the European Commission on Energy, during which she recognised that politics wasn’t going to drive the change that was needed.

It was this background that led to the creation of Good Energy. Today, the company has more than 176,500 electricity, gas and Feed-in Tariff customers across the UK, along with an excellent reputation for quality customer service, having topped the Which? energy company customer satisfaction survey for three out of the last four years, and recently winning two consecutive MoneySavingExpert polls.

A founding member of the Social Stock Exchange, Good Energy has set the energy market standard for ethically and socially responsible companies, proving it’s entirely possible to do so while maintaining commercially sound and profitable business principles. “I want Good Energy to be the blueprint for how other energy companies should be,” she says.

In January 2013, Juliet Davenport was awarded the OBE for services to renewables.