Day 2 - 30th Anniversary Conference: 'Artful maps: exploring the visuual culture of cartography'

Bringing TOSCA’s 30th year to a close, this interdisciplinary conference explores how art affects cartography’s processes, products, and personnel. Ranging broadly over types of map, areas of the world, and time periods, the conference considers how the visual qualities of maps attract and entice, but also deceive and obfuscate; how artists have attended to maps in their practice; how aesthetic choices made by cartographers influence the message their maps convey – explicitly or implicitly; and what constitutes an artistically successful map.

Distinguished and emerging scholars from around the globe and from disciplines including history, geography, art history, art and design, literary studies, sociology, and law, consider topics including:

  • Maps as art/art as maps
  • Artful – that is, deceptive – maps
  • How art affects the legal status of maps
  • Mapmakers as artists/artists as mapmakers
  • Liminal maps, between art and science

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