Lunch time seminar: David Novillo's marine restoration work in Tenerife

David Novillo is an entrepreneur and conservationist who through vision, drive and boundless optimism and enthusiasm is pulling off one of the most innovative and exciting marine restoration projects in Spain, if not Europe.

Using the wonders of modern technology, David and his colleague Filipe, will take us underwater to show marine ecosystems damaged by lime urchins and the transformation in marine life that their control and restoration of algal communities brings.

As David descends under the waves and swims between areas, Grace Young, Emma McIntosh and Paul Jepson will present the technology being used, the development context of the restoration project and the innovations in marine governance that it represents.

Come along. It’s not every lunch-time you can enjoy a live hook up with an inspirational conservationist and the marine life of Tenerife!

Please note: Whilst we have tested the underwater link weather on the day could intervene!