Supporting refugees through cross-sector collaborations and innovative financing

The session will bring together a group of senior academics, policymakers and practitioners to discuss the role of cross-sector collaborations and innovative financing tools in supporting refugees. We’ll look at a number of examples of outcomes-focused contracts seeking to facilitate the integration of refugees in both high and lower income countries to understand the barriers refugees are facing, the challenges of coordinating holistic support for refugees and the underlining mechanisms and principles that can help drive robust outcomes-focused programmes. We’ll also consider the importance of including refugees and host communities in the design of programmes.

Attendees will have a chance to hear from a wide range of experts, including Alexander Betts, Oxford Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs, and a pioneer in the field, as well as academics Stéphane Saussier & Simon Porcher from the Sorbonne, Paris, Joanna Penrose Buckley, Head of Refugee Integration, UK Government, and Béatrice Delperdange, KOIS, and Samir Omar, FIM, two experienced impact investors with lived experience setting up and delivering outcomes-based programmes for refugees.