English Faculty Pedagogy Forum: Session 2

English Faculty Pedagogy Forum

Please join us for a new twice-termly forum for discussing some of the the questions arising from the teaching of English in Oxford at the present moment. There will be short readings for each meeting, which will relate both to large pedagogical questions (political, ethical, conceptual) and to the practical minutiae and mechanisms of our teaching. We hope that this will be a forum to learn from one another, and share ideas and strategies, enthusiasms and frustrations, of all kinds.

Anyone currently teaching (or soon about to teach) Oxford English undergraduates is welcome. Details of times, location and readings below. If you have difficulty locating the readings please email joseph.moshenska@ell.ox.ac.uk.

Readings: bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress, ch.1: “Engaged Pedagogy” (pp.13-22); Jacques Rancière, The Ignorant Schoolmaster, ch1: “An Intellectual Adventure” (pp.1-18).