Opportunities and challenges facing Ukraine's democratic transition

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More than a year after Russia’s unprovoked and illegal full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainians remain committed to Ukrainian victory and optimistic about the country’s future despite significant hardships. According to NDI polling, 89 percent of Ukrainians report being optimistic about Ukraine’s future. Ukrainians remain resolute and united, and it is clear that Russia’s strategy to divide the country, undermine its resilience, and erode its Western ties has proven a failure. The findings of NDI’s four rounds of wartime polling clearly demonstrate Ukrainians’ faith in their victory and resolve in the face of immense hardship remains strong as Russia’s war, and targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure continues. Furthemore, the “Ukraine Scenarios 2040”, a joint project between the Ukrainian Parliament’s Inter-factional Union “Strategic Foresight for Ukraine” and the UK Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations, explores a number of key critical uncertainties involving the rebuilding and reconstruction of Ukraine, including: What might happen if Western countries are not able to continue providing Ukraine with the needed military support? What are the best ways to protect Ukrainian democracy and tackle corruption?