Disrupting Warfare: How we use technology to help mitigate the effects of violent conflict on civilians in Syria and beyond.

After working on conflict mitigation, stabilization, independent media, and countering violent extremism in Syria, John founded Hala to use technology to help fill a critical global need to provide better security and safety for the world’s most vulnerable populations. Hala’s launch project was the creation of a robust and dependable early warning system for airstrikes, designed to give civilians time to mitigate the threat presented by multi-year air campaigns waged by multiple countries in Syria. Called “Sentry,” the technology-driven system has saved lives, prevented injuries, and reduced trauma for the millions of civilians impacted by airstrikes.

Prior to Hala, John spent 3 years as a US Department of State official ultimately designing and managing an eight-figure independent media program, working directly with Syrians and multiple USG and ally entities to help create communications networks, develop civilian leadership, inform the populace, strengthen independent voices, increase resilience, and reduce physical, digital, and psycho-social threats.

Before becoming a diplomat, John spent nearly two decades in multiple executive and technology leadership roles in Silicon Valley and Chicago’s financial industry, designing, implementing, and managing mission-critical product and technology initiatives.