JUSTICE: Cold Rights in a Warming World - Artists Susan Schuppli & Carey Young in conversation

Artist-researcher Susan Schuppli will discuss her work, which explores the ways in which non-human witnesses such as materials and objects can enter public discourse and testify to historical events, especially those involving political violence, ethnic conflict and war crimes. Schuppli’s work assumes many different modes of communication, from legal analysis and public advocacy to theoretical reflection and creative exploration. Her current artistic projects expand these legal investigations to examine how environmental systems and transformations due to global warming are also generating new forms of evidence, creating, in effect, a planetary archive of material witnesses.

Susan Schuppli is Director of the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London, and is Board Chair of Forensic Architecture. Her artistic work has been exhibited at galleries and museums internationally. Schuppli’s monograph Material Witness: Media, Forensics, Evidence was published by MIT Press, 2020. susanschuppli.com

Carey Young is a Visiting Fellow at Wolfson and was Wolfson’s Creative Arts Fellow 2018 – 21. She will have a solo exhibition at Modern Art Oxford in 2023. www.careyyoung.com