Borderlands in focus: insights & reflections on the Kenya-Somalia-Ethiopia borderlands through the lens of a peace & stability programme

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With a background in terrorism prevention, Martine will discuss the political, economic and social context of the border area, through the lens of her current work on a peace and stability programme focused along the Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia border. The presentation will reflect on the conflict ecology, acknowledging that Al-Shabaab is a key actor in a complex conflict environment, and she will include findings from recently completed political economy and conflict analysis, some statistics from a large quantitative survey as well as reflections from the working environment. Her presentation will consider the importance of the borderlands when seeking to understand the centre and reflect on intersectional marginalisation in the status quo hindering a more inclusive power sharing and sustainably peaceful future.
Martine Zeuthen is an Associate Fellow in the Terrorism and Conflict programme at RUSI. She is currently based in Kenya and set up RUSI’s operation in East Africa. She focusses on extremism and radicalisation, countering violent extremism (CVE), programme management and research methodology. She is a Danish anthropologist (MSc) and is studying for a PhD in Crime and Security Studies at University College London.