LabGenius, OxSyBio and Biohacking Safari

1) London-based LabGenius design highly advanced DNA libraries to help realise tricky synbio designs – making it easier to create specific antibodies, produce novel enzymes and express stubborn proteins.

2) Oxford-based OxSyBio were spun out from the Bayley Lab in our very own Chemistry department. They 3D print synthetic tissues for medical and clinical research – 3D models of human tissue to study disease and test therapeutics. Imagine patches of designed synthetic tissue used as grafts for diseased and damaged organs – that is what they’re aiming for.

3) Biohacking Safari is an enterprise with international reach. The dynamic duo in charge aim to spread the word of biohacking (research, education, innovation) far and wide and to join up communities from around the world.

4) And finally on Thursday night we will be having SBO’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is where the outgoing organising committee for SBO give brief reports about how the previous year has gone (including how we’ve spent our money) and a new committee is elected to organise SBO for the next year (!!!). If you are keen to help out in any way, please make sure you are there for the AGM (or if you cannot make it, flick me a quick email to let me know). The different roles are outlined at the bottom of this email and they are all up for election!