CONFERENCE 'Franco-British relations and Europe, from membership of the EEC to Brexit. Around the Pompidou / Heath archives ’
Under the High Patronage of Mr Emmanuel MACRON President of the French Republic The fiftieth anniversary of the death of the French President Georges Pompidou 1974-2024
Organised by the Institut Georges Pompidou

As part of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of President Georges Pompidou (1911 1974), the one of Prime Minister Edward Heath’s departure from 10 Downing Street (1974) and the hundred and twentieth anniversary of the Entente Cordiale (1904), the Institut Georges Pompidou, founded in 1989 by former French Prime Ministers Édouard Balladur and Pierre Messmer, offers a historiographical and methodological review of the contemporary history of Franco-British relations in the light of European issues, from the United Kingdom’s membership into the European Economic Community (1973) to Brexit: power, economic, industrial and monetary policy, diplomacy, defence and culture. The Edward Heath Archives (Weston Library), the transfer of the private archives of the Pompidou family to the Archives Nationales (2019), the Presidential Archives (Archives Nationales), and the oral archives of the Institut Georges Pompidou provide new opportunities for transnational and comparative research. We hope the discussions between French and British researchers and archivists will promote new research fields and inspire collaborations and partnerships between French and British institutions


9h00: Welcome and introduction (Pascal Marty, Olivier Sibre)

1st session : Les grands enjeux / the big challenges
Présidence / chair : Dominic Grieve

9h15: Anne Deighton (Oxford University)
Into the European Community at Last: Reinventing Britain as a European Power?

9h35: Agnès Tachin (Université de Cergy-Pontoise)
Turning the Tables: General de Gaulle’s vetoes of Britain’s applications to join the EEC.

9h55: Marie-Claude Esposito (Université Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle)
« Compétition and Credit Control » : une réforme radicale de la réglementation bancaire durant la mandature d’Edward Heath.

10h10: Discussion

10h40: Pause/break

10h55: Stéphane Porion (Université de Tours)
The « Powell effect » on the Conservative Party’s stance on the European question (from Heath to Thatcher: 1970-1988).

11h15: Piers Ludlow (LSE)
French and British politics and influence in Brussels, from Ortoli/Jenkins European Commission presidencies to the Thatcher-Delors conflict.

11h35: Béatrice Heuser (Glasgow University)
Franco-British Strategic Relations: rivalry or vital cooperation?

11h55: Discussion

12h30/12h45 : Déjeuner/lunch

2nd session. Archives et recherche: nouvelles perspectives / Archives and research : new perspectives.
Présidence/chair : Anne Deighton

13h45: Olivier Sibre (Institut Georges Pompidou)
Conserver la mémoire et écrire l’histoire des Présidents de la Ve République : l’exemple de l’Institut Georges Pompidou.

14h00: Bénédicte Fichet (Archives nationales)
Conservation des archives des présidents de la République en France : l’exemple de Georges Pompidou.

14h20: Susan Thomas et Jeremy McIlwaine (Bodleian Libraries)
Sir Edward Heath’s archive in context: political archives in the UK

14h40-14h50: Pause/break

14h55: Daniel Furby (EPLO, Athens)
Edward Heath, Georges Pompidou and Britain’s entry to the European Community: historiography and sources

15h15: Cesare Vagge (Oxford University)
Waging the « Economic War »: Georges Pompidou, Ted Heath and Industrial Policy at the end of the Glorious Thirty (1969-74)

15h35: Boris Hamzeian (Centre national d’art contemporain Georges Pompidou)
The constellation of sources for a new history of the Centre Pompidou of Paris. Defragmenting private and public collections between French, British and Italian institutions.

15h55 – 16h30/45: Discussion and conclusion
Date: 17 May 2024, 9:00 (Friday, 4th week, Trinity 2024)
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