Public Seminar: Integrating evidence-based practice to support oral language in the early years: drivers of effective implementation
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Oracy skills are foundational for learning and attainment yet oral language delays in preschool children continue to challenge practitioners and policy makers. I consider steps to maximize the impact and increase the sustainability of effective language pedagogy using an implementation science framework.

Understanding the relationships between language and learning requires an awareness of both the key components of the language system across development and children’s language learning contexts. These contexts include the environment, opportunities for talking and listening, and language supporting interactions. Language development is compromised when language learning contexts are impoverished. Drawing on data from studies of language development in the preschool years, the language learning contexts and language interventions I argue that the focus of our implementation efforts should be underpinned by providing high quality language nutrition. Methodological and conceptual challenges for future research are considered to further our ability to effectively impact on policy and practice.
Date: 4 March 2024, 17:00 (Monday, 8th week, Hilary 2024)
Venue: 15 Norham Gardens, 15 Norham Gardens OX2 6PY
Venue Details: Seminar Room A
Speaker: Professor Julie Dockrell (University College London)
Organising department: Department of Education
Organiser: Dr Sonali Nag (University of Oxford)
Host: Professor Victoria Murphy (University of Oxford)
Part of: Public Seminar Series 2023/24
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Audience: Public
Editors: Hannah Freeman, Heather Sherkunov