The Hebrew Grammatical Theory of Spanish 10th century Hebrew grammarian R. Menahem ben Saruq

Dr Mirsky, born in Jerusalem, studied in Yeshiva for 6 years, and served in the Yom Kippur war during which he was wounded in operation Shlom Hagalil. His academic studies were at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem for first, second and third degrees. The subject of his thesis was Hebrew Grammar in the 10th century. He published the book “The Grammatical Theory of Mahberet Menahem” – the first dictionary written in Spain by Menahem ben Saruq. Unlike previous biblical dictionaries which were written in Arabic, The Mahberet was written in Hebrew and was accepted by the Jewish communities in Latin Europe who did not know Arabic. He has been working on a new edition of Mahberet Menahem, based on 39 manuscripts and Genizah fragments, to be published by the Academy of the Hebrew Language.

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