Introductory talk on Neuroscience teaching opportunities

Online via MS Teams
Are you a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher interested in getting involved in Neuroscience teaching but don’t know how? This session will introduce the tutoring and project supervision opportunities in Neuroscience in the Final Honour Schools (FHS) of Medical Sciences, Cells and Systems Biology and Neuroscience and how to make a start through skills training to prepare you for teaching. See introductory videos about the FHS Advanced Options here The session will be led by Robert Wilkins (Director of Pre-clinical Studies and Biomedical Sciences) and Helen Christian (Associate Director of Pre-clinical Studies and Biomedical Sciences) who will be joined by FHS Advanced Option Organisers Trevor Sharp (Systems Neuroscience), Simon Butt (Cellular Neuroscience) and David Bannerman (Cognitive & Behavioural Neuroscience).