A Body of One's Own: A Trans* History of Argentina (1900-2012)

Patricio Simonetto is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the University College London. He is the author of Entre la injuria y la revolución. El Frente de Liberación Homosexual en la Argentina (UNQ, 2017), El dinero no es todo. La compra y venta de sexo en la Argentina del siglo XX (Biblos, 2019) and Money is Not Everything. The Purchase and Sale of Sex in Argentina in the Twentieth Century (The Univesity of North Carolina, 2022). He was awarded with the Carlos Monsivais Prize from the Latin American Studies Association. He is currently working on his book project entitled A Body of One’s Own. A Trans* History of Argentina (1900-2012) [The University of Texas Press]