The Shallow Pond and the Fat Man: Two thought experiments

In this lecture, David Edmonds interrogates two of the most famous thought experiments in moral philosophy.

1) A train is out of control and is heading for five people tied to a track. You can save them only by pushing a large man in front of the train. Should you do it?

2) A toddler is drowning in a shallow pond. You can wade in and save the toddler, but doing so will ruin your very expensive shoes…

David Edmonds is a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at Oxford University and the author or editor of 14 books which have been translated into over two dozen languages. They include the international best-seller Wittgenstein’s Poker (written with John Eidinow) as well as The Murder of Professor Schlick, and Would You Kill The Fat Man?

Registration is free, and attendance is via Zoom. Dave will speak for approx. 40 minutes, which will be followed by an audience Q&A.