The Unconscious is structured like a structure: the role of structure in the social transmission of meaning.

This is the first of two linked seminars (Oct 26 and Nov 23) on Raymond Williams’s ‘Structures of Feeling’ and will be available to view online from 8.15 pm on Monday October 26, for 7 days. The link will be sent by email that day. To receive the link please email Please note that there will not be an online discussion with viewers, but comments may be posted on

In this short paper, I consider how far Raymond Williams’s notion of a ‘structure of feeling’ can help us understand what is involved in the transmission of affect. In particular I ask what is involved when socially-held meaning is transmitted to individuals. I look at one way that Williams’s term might be philosophically parsed, so as to bring out its usefulness. The paper is followed by short comments and discussion from five other contributors: Matt ffytche (Psychosocial Studies, Essex), Louise Gyler (Sydney, Australian Psychoanalytical Society), Shaull bar Heim (Sociology, Essex), Sarath Jakka (Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Berlin), Michael Uebel (Austin, Texas).