Net Zero and Climate Change: A Conversation with African Experts

This is a key decade for Africa as it will determine the effectiveness of its efforts in achieving sustainable and climate resilient development and growth.

The recent emergence and strengthening of the global net zero agenda has led to important discussions on what role the African continent should play in moving the world to a net zero future, despite its far lower historical emissions than other parts of the world. COP27, to be held in Egypt in November 2022, is expected to provide a platform for discussions on how African countries should continue engaging with global stakeholders on climate action, with themes such as adaptation, loss and damage and climate finance expected to take centre-stage. A push for greater commitments on net zero by African countries is also expected to emerge.

This webinar brings together African experts to discuss what net zero action on climate change should look like for Africa. The experts will reflect on the current landscape of net zero and overall climate action by state and non-state actors in Africa. The discussions will also focus on what this landscape means for Africa’s position and action on global emission reductions relative to other continental and pre-existing priorities, such as the need for sustainable development, poverty reduction and adaptation to climate change.