Ethics of Economic Sanctions with Professor Cécile Fabre

Join the Oxford IR Society and the Oxford Diplomatic Society to discuss the ethics of economic sanctions with Professor Cécile Fabre.

When: 7 May 5:30pm
Where: MBI AI Jaber Auditorium, Corpus Christi College

The Oxford International Relations Society and the Oxford Diplomatic Society are jointly hosting Professor Cécile Fabre for a lecture on the ethics of economic sanctions. Sanctions can be installed with ethical purposes, but they also inflict damage on the target society and its people. When, if at all, are these nowadays ubiquitous tools of foreign policy ethically justified? And what does this tell us about the sanction regimes that are in place today? The lecture will be followed by a Q&A from the audience.

Professor Cécile Fabre is an expert on the ethics of international affairs and foreign policy. She is currently Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford. She is a Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and affiliated with the Faculty of Philosophy, the Department of Politics and International Relations, and Nuffield College, Oxford. Her research interests include just war theory, the ethics of economic statecraft, the ethics of espionage, theories of distributive justice, and the philosophy of democracy. She is author of the book ‘‘Economic Statecraft: Human Rights, Sanctions, and Conditionality’’.

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~ Oxford International Relations Society, Oxford Diplomatic Society