8-10 June Hybrid Conference: Science, Gender and Sociability in a Northern City c. 1775-1820

This interdisciplinary event brings together scholars in women’s history, the history of science, literature, theatrical performance, music and historical archaeology from across the UK and the US, to contextualise and analyse the diary of Jane Ewbank (1778‒1824).

Jane Ewbank, the twenty-five year old daughter of a York druggist, kept a 34,000-word diary between 1803-1805, which details a conscious project of self-education via reading, sociability and her involvement in the intellectual and social landscape of a northern English city, including the theatre, concerts, science lectures, the natural world and its materiality. All participants will have online access to the diary.

Speakers include:

Michael Brown (University of Lancaster); John Christie (University of Oxford); Rachel Cowgill (CECS University of York); Matthew Daniel Eddy (Durham University); Joanna de Groot (CECS University of York); Mary Fairclough (CECS University of York); Rachel Feldberg (CECS University of York); Corinne Fowler (University of Leicester); Matthew Jenkins (CECS University of York); Jon Klancher (Carnegie Mellon University); Karen Lipsedge (University of Kingston); Jon Mee (CECS University of York); Amy Prendergast (Trinity College, Dublin); Jane Rendall (CECS University of York); Anna Marie Roos (University of Lincoln); Gillian Russell (CECS University of York); Joanna Wharton (University of York).

More information can be found on the website here: www.york.ac.uk/eighteenth-century-studies/events/all/2023/science-gender-sociability-conference