Urban Futures - the proximity revolution. An introduction to the 15 minute city concept by its founder.


Professor Carlos Moreno, creator of the concept of the 15-minute city, will be giving the TSU’s inaugural Annual Lecture as part of the TSU seminar series. His lecture focuses on the 15-minute city concept, a groundbreaking approach in urban planning aiming to create urban environments where all essential needs are met within a short perimeter on foot, bike ride and decarbonized mobilities This concept is rooted in reducing reliance on motor vehicles, decreasing carbon emissions, and enhancing the quality of life in urban settings.

It will begin with an introduction to the 15-minute city concept, exploring its origins and evolution. The concept originates from compact urban planning ideas and has evolved to incorporate aspects of sustainability, social inclusion, and resilience to climate change. This part of the talk will highlight how the concept has adapted to meet contemporary urban challenges.

The lecture will then delve into the impact of this concept on urban planning and mobility. He will examine how it influences neighbourhood design, the distribution of services and infrastructure, and how it is transforming transportation systems by promoting intermodality and sustainable modes of transport.
A key segment of the presentation will be dedicated to international case studies. He will analyse examples of cities that have integrated elements of the 15-minute city, highlighting specific strategies implemented and the outcomes achieved. This section will provide insights into challenges, successes, and lessons learned, offering perspectives for adaptations in various urban contexts.
Finally, the lecture will explore the potential of the 15-minute city concept. He will investigate how it can transform cities under this new paradigm, focusing on the future vision of urban environments. This includes integrating digital technologies and encouraging citizen participation, considering how the concept can continue to shape sustainable urban developments.
The talk will afford members of the audience the opportunity to ask him questions and challenge his views. He will be joined by Dr Enrica Papa from the University of Westminster as discussant.