OII’s Wednesday Webinar Week 3 'The Digital Lives of Black Women in Britain in Times of Crisis'

As part of the Next Gen series the OII brings you Dr Francesca Sobande, lecturer in digital media studies and director of the BA Media, Journalism and Culture programme at Cardiff University. Hosted by Professor Gina Neff Professor of Technology & Society at the Oxford Internet Institute.

How are the digital experiences of Black women in Britain shaped by various crises (including the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing antiblackness)? What role does digital remix culture play in memory-making, archiving, and reimagining temporality during times of crisis? In what ways are brands in Britain attempting to align themselves with social justice movements and tap into the digital content and cultural production of Black women? Guided by such questions and based on over five years of research, this session focuses on the digital experiences of Black women in Britain and the rise of brand “woke-washing” which involves commercial organisations pursuing profit under the guise of activism.