What is Creative Criticism? A Colloquium
An abundance of recent work in literary studies deliberately complicates, interrogates, or thwarts the distinctions according to which writing is typically organised: such work sits at, blurs and redraws the fuzzy boundaries between the critical and the creative, the personal and the impersonal, the fictional and the non-fictional.

One of the few things that writers engaged in this kind of practice tend to have in common is a deep discomfort with the labels that get attached to their work; such labels often seek to re-categorise the deliberately uncategorisable. And yet, for a whole host of practical reasons – not least the ways in which their work is mediated by academic departments, bookshops, and other institutions – writers cannot afford to be uninterested in the work that such descriptors perform.

This colloquium will ask: are the categories in question only and inevitably experienced by writers as an imposition? If work of this kind aims in part to treat the practical circumstances of writing as conditions for its perennial reinvention, then might these organisational categories also provide opportunities for writerly practice?

The colloquium will feature twelve panelists and a plenary address by Mary Cappello. For more information about the speakers, and to register for the event, please go to: creatingcriticism.web.ox.ac.uk/what-is-creative-criticism.
Date: 20 June 2024, 11:00 (Thursday, 9th week, Trinity 2024)
Venue: University College, High Street OX1 4BH
Venue Details: 10 Merton Street Lecture Theatre (access via Merton Street)
Speaker: Various Speakers
Organisers: Professor Joe Moshenska (University of Oxford), Iris Pearson
Organiser contact email address: iris.pearson@new.ox.ac.uk
Booking required?: Required
Audience: Public
Editor: Iris Pearson