7th Course in Network Meta-Analysis, 20-22 June, 2022

NMAs are often complex and challenging projects, this 3-day interactive course will focus on the tools needed to understand, write and critically appraise a network meta-analysis. A selected group of expert clinicians, researchers and scientists, with a strong track record in the field of NMA, will guide you through the course, bringing you lectures, group work, hands-on tutorials and supervised statistical sessions. The course is aimed at clinicians, researchers and policy makers in the health care field, but others are welcome.

-Become familiar with the different ways of presenting results in NMA
-Identify clinical questions to be addressed in the context of an NMA
-Understand the key features of an NMA protocol
-Practical sessions using statistical software for NMA (R, STATA)
-Critically appraise NMAs
-Learn important tips on how to write a manuscript and reply to peer reviewers’ comments.