SolidariTee Annual Conference 2023: Accountability In Action

The conference aims to bring a real-world focus to the concept of ‘accountability to affected populations’ as relates to upholding the rights of refugees and others forced to flee their homes, with panels covering mental health, research & learning, and activism & advocacy respectively.

Our focus is being able to use knowledge gained by and with people who have lived experience of forcible displacement to better uphold and advocate for the rights and freedoms of refugees, asylum seekers, and others forced to flee their homes.

Tickets are available on a ‘donate what you can’ basis, and are also available free of charge for those unable to donate at this time.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Tugba Basaran, Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement at the University of Cambridge
  • Imogen Wall, Humanitarian and Disaster Response Expert
  • Amos Sconfeld, Our Second Home Founder
  • Refugee-Led Research Hub guest speakers, University of Oxford
  • Nasrin Parvaz, author, artist and advocate through Survivors Speak OUT Network, linked to Freedom From Torture

To read more and reserve a ticket, simply follow the link below, or reach out to with any questions.