Where is the Way out for the Sino-Indian Border Dispute?

Mandarin presentation

There are enduring rivalries between China and India, of which the most conspicuous is the border dispute triggering a short but far-reaching border war in 1962. There has been little consensus on sensitive border issues in the past. The border conflicts are, for the most part, attributed to the misperception whether the boundary has been delimited or not and what the alignment of Line of Actual Control (LAC) locates. Based on interdisciplinary methodology, this talk delves into the wide discrepancy between China’s and India’s perception of LAC, the institutional arrangement and status quo of the disputed border, and the possibility to find a solution to the border dispute.

Professor Xinmin Sui is a visiting scholar at St Antony’s College. He teaches at the School of Foreign Studies and International Relations, Zhengzhou University.

Mandarin presentation; English PPT; bilingual Q&A