Blavatnik Book Talks: The Future of Foreign Policy is Feminist

Join Kristina Lunz, Co-Founder of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, as she reads from her new book ‘The Future of Foreign Policy Is Feminist’ and sets out an inclusive, visionary policy for the twenty-first century, one where security and prosperity, health and climate justice are possible.

A feminist foreign policy requires the promotion of equal rights in the handling of foreign affairs and security matters worldwide, with a particular focus on marginalised and politically underrepresented groups. In her attempt to reconfigure the field of foreign policy, Kristina aims to set in motion a paradigm shift, replacing grandiose displays of military might with feminism, solidarity and climate justice.

At this event – co-hosted with St Cross College, and the Oxford Department of International Development – Kristina will discuss the key findings from her book with Corneliu Bjola Associate Professor of Diplomatic Studies at Oxford’s Department of International Development, and the Blavatnik School’s Hannah Phillips, a policy researcher and professional with an expertise in gender equality working on strengthening democracy by reducing threats to women in public life.

Kristina’s book will be available for purchase at the event.