Race, Research, and the University: Historians’ Approaches - in collaboration with Race Equality Action Group (REAG)

SPECIAL EVENT – Reading Group in collaboration with Race Equality Action Group (REAG)

This reading group session is the first of a new series of termly conversations on the challenges and possibilities of teaching, researching, and learning about the history of race in the modern university. Established as part of a collaboration between the Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar and the History Faculty’s Race Equality Action Group (REAG), our readings predominantly focus on the discipline of History but all members of the University, especially students at any stage of their studies, are welcome to attend.

The readings for the first session, all accessible online via SSO, are:

1. Colin Prescod, ‘Archives, Race, Class, and Rage’, Race & Class, 58, 4 (2017)
2. Jordanna Bailkin, ‘Where Did the Empire Go? Archives and Decolonization in Britain’, American Historical Review, 120, 3 (2015)
3. Robbie Shillam, ‘Black/Academia)’, in Gurminder Bhambra et al (eds), Decolonising the University, ch. 4.

Attendees are encouraged to read at least one piece in advance. Meetings will take place on Zoom – booking required.