Science, Theology, and Humane Philosophy

Science, Theology, and Humane Philosophy
8 May 10:30 to 9 May 14:00
St Cross College, Oxford
Ian Ramsey Centre and the Humane Philosophy Project

Participants are invited for a thought-provoking discussion of the intersection of science, theology, and humane philosophy, at an event that also marks the culmination in Oxford of a five-year project devoted to new horizons in Central and Eastern Europe.

The event will include a valedictory lecture by Andrew Pinsent, on the subject “Does Humane Philosophy Need Grace?” at 11:15 on 9 May, marking the conclusion of Dr Pinsent’s enormously successful decade as Research Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, University of Oxford. Other participants will include: , Tatiana Barkowskiy, John Cottingham, Arlyn Culwick, Daniel de Hann, Mark Harris, Samuel Hughes, Alister McGrath, Andrew Pinsent, William Simpson, Mikolaj Slawkowski-Rode, Nick Waghorn, and Ralph Weir.

The event will take place at St Cross College, Oxford. Light refreshments will be provided.

Places are free but limited and registration is required.