The “Idea” and the nature of the entrepreneur

This workshop will be focused on “Idea” translatability and the requirements of entrepreneurship and what it means to be an entrepreneur. This session is not aimed at teaching but rather to convey:

* How to reverse engineer the translation process in Therapeutics from patient back to the idea * The Psychology of the entrepreneur, tools for self-examination and complementary team building * In therapeutics, timings of idea translation, milestones and maturity issues.

After a brief review, a series of guest panelists who have engaged in such translation which has resulted in the genesis of a venture, will be there to relate their experiences as scientists and engage directly with the workshop participants. These who have confirmed include Professor Len Seymour (Oncology), Professor Daniel Anthony (Pharmacology), Professor Grant Churchill TBC and Professor Chas Bountra (SGC). Dr Maria Nikolou (SBS) TBC