Ethics in AI Workshop | AI and Judgement


The aim of the workshop is to examine the concept of judgment, especially in relation to rules (and the extent to which judgment is an application of rules), and then to consider to what extent human judgment might be enhanced, replaced, or undermined in different domains by AI tools. An important theme we’d like to pursue is the way in which judgment has varying significance and responds to different values/concerns in different domains of activity (e.g. cancer diagnosis v sentencing).

The workshop will begin with a panel in which the main speaker is Baroness Onora O’Neill, who has long written about judgment from the standpoint of philosophy. Then there will be a panel with the historian of science, Lorraine Daston, who has just published an important book called ‘The Rules’ (a wide-ranging discussion of all sorts of rules from spelling and sumptuary laws to monastic rules and traffic rules). After that, we will look at judgment/AI in specific domains with Lord Neuberger (law), Georgina Born (music recommendation), Fergus Gleeson (radiology prof at Oxford who uses AI-based technology), and Barry Smith (wine-tasting). There will be two commentators for each panel except for the wine-tasting session by Barry Smith.