What about food poverty in Oxford?

We’re used to hearing about poverty and hunger in ‘developing countries’. But what about food poverty here in Oxford?
In a study for Good Food Oxford conducted in late 2015 (goodfoodoxford.org/blog/giving-voice-to-food-poverty) we found that just over half of the residents in two of Oxford’s regeneration neighbourhoods (Barton and Rose Hill) experienced food poverty, meaning they worried about running out of food, they compromised on dietary quality and diversity, and/or they sometimes went hungry (FAO Voices of the Hungry/FIES scale: www.fao.org/in-action/voices-of-the-hungry/en/#.V1LgTTL2bIU).
In this seminar we’ll discuss the extent, nature and drivers of food poverty in Oxford and possible responses to the problem from community and professional perspectives. We’ll then present and discuss a new project, currently in the planning stages, to develop, evaluate and disseminate a community-led response to address food poverty and promote healthier and more sustainable diets, and would love to hear your ideas and feedback.