Understanding and manipulating the T-cell response to peptide-MHC

In person only

Linda is a T-cell immunologist who leads the Clinical T-cell Lab based in the Bristol Veterinary School, Faculty of Health Sciences in the University of Bristol. Linda originally graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Bristol in 1996. During the time that she worked as a veterinary surgeon, she developed an interest in T-cell immunology, which led her to complete a MSc in Human Immunity at the University of Liverpool, followed by a DPhil in T-cell immunology at the University of Oxford. In 2006, Linda was awarded a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellowship and in September 2013 she moved to the University of Bristol to take up a Chair in Translational Immunology. Work in the Clinical T-cell lab is focussed on understanding the role that T-cells play in health and diseases such as cancer and viral infection, and includes translational projects aimed at the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of diseases such as cancer. The lab has a broad range of expertise, including the in-depth analysis of T-cell cross reactivity, T-cell epitope identification and pMHCI tetramer technology.