OxFOS - Carpentries taster session: R and Unix Shell for beginners

Need support with downloading the programs? Do not worry – we will run optional pre-workshop drop-in sessions on 3rd March (09:30am-10:30am; 3pm-4pm) for anyone requiring help. You will receive an invite to these drop-in sessions.

The Carpentries is a non-profit organization that teaches software engineering and data science skills to researchers through instructional workshops. Sessions are directed at complete beginners and no previous experience of coding is required. The Carpentries lesson content is hands-on and participants practice by following instructors live coding. Carpentries training usually runs for two days. Unsure about signing up for a full two-day class? This two-hour taster session is a chance to see what the Carpentries are all about in a friendly relaxed environment. The Carpentries lessons cover a wide range of topics, but for this session we will look at R (for statistical computing and graphics) and Unix Shell (for automating tedious tasks).

The following programs will need to be downloaded to your computer before the session:
Git Bash (only required for Windows operating systems): gitforwindows.org
Installation instructions: librarycarpentry.org/lc-shell/setup.html
RSoftware and RStudio Desktop. Installation instructions: swcarpentry.github.io/r-novice-inflammation/setup.html

You will also need to download the following two data sets which we will be working with in the session. Download these to your computer’s Desktop and remember to unzip them:
Data set 1: Shell Lessons: raw.githubusercontent.com/librarycarpentry/lc-shell/gh-pages/data/shell-lesson.zip
Data set 2: R data: swcarpentry.github.io/r-novice-inflammation/data/r-novice-inflammation-data.zip