Sarcoma Mini-Symposium


13:00 Molecular diagnostics with NGS for sarcoma: David Barnes
13:45 Metabolomics and epigenetics: Ed Hookway
14:00 Molecular development of an IGF2 Antagonist: Susana Frago
14:15 LINES (Ewing) and MEMOS (Osteosarcoma) trials: Bass Hassan
14:30 Chondrosarcoma and sarcoma clinical studies: Hans Gelderblom
14:45 Molecular and model systems in sarcoma: Pancras Hogendoorn
15:00 EIT Health and Rare Cancer KIC: Bass Hassan
15:15 Discussion
15:30 Prospects for collaboration (closed part of the meeting)
16:00 End

This mini-symposium concerns work in progress in the Musculoskeletal BRU sarcoma theme and coincides with a visit from Prof Pancras Hogendoorn (Visiting Prof NDORMS, Sarcoma Pathology) and Prof Hans Gelderblom (Sarcoma Oncology) from Leiden University Medical Centre.

Buffet lunch provided.

All welcome to attend.