Where do you draw the line? (Film Screening)

The Oxford Geography Society and Oxford Climate Justice Campaign are co-hosting a film screening ‘Where do you draw the line?’, produced by Wordsmith Productions. The documentary investigates the oil extraction activities in the Amazon, telling the story from the perspective of indigenous activists, policy makers and academics, among others (more information about the documentary can be found on Wordsmith Production’s website: www.wordsmithproductions.co.uk).

We are also planning to have a discussion after the film screening on some key ideas in the documentary. Several themes that we have noticed include the use of film for conveying political statements; the effects of oil extraction activities on local health, lives and ecosystem; indigenous resistance including international court cases against oil companies; the connection between the local and the global, as they stress the idea that the Amazon is the ‘lungs of the world’; and the role of the government and international investment.