Day 2 - SHAC Spring Meeting 2024: 'From Antique to Early Modern Alchemy: New Approaches, New Horizons'

Programme: DAY 2 (09:30-13:00*)
Panel 5: Reinterpretation in Early Modern Alchemy (Chair: TBA)

  • Elisabeth Moreau: Stones, Salts, and Calculi in Early Modern Chymical Medicine
  • Eugenio Villa: How (not) to Forge an Ancient Alchemical Treatise: the Liber Mariae sororis Moysi
  • Farzad Mahootian: The History of Alchemy in Global Context: A Machine Learning Approach

Panel 6: Alchemical Images and Symbols (Chair: Jennifer M Rampling)

  • Zoe Screti: The Problem of Purgatory: Alchemical Symbolism During the English Reformation
  • Tom Fischer: From Paper Grimoires to Stone Books
  • Sergei Zotov: Zoo-Anthropomorphic Evangelists and Christ in the Wine Press: Alchemical Reinterpretation of Sacred Art in a German Illuminated Manuscript

Refreshments will be provided at various points on both days, lunch will be provided on day 1.

*The conference is followed up by the Oxford Seminar in the History of Alchemy and Chemistry, ‘Meissen Coloration and Pacific Chemical Medicine’, featuring Nicholas Zumbulyadis (Delaware) and Mariana Sanchez (Paris), from 15:00-17:00 at the Maison Française d’Oxford. We hope many attendees and speakers will be able to join us for both events!