The Lyceum Project

Dive into the forefront of ethical AI at ‘The Lyceum Project’ – a ground-breaking one-day conference hosted by the Institute for Ethics in AI, in partnership with prestigious institutions: Stanford University and Greece’s National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”.

Mark your calendars for June 20th, 2024, as Athens becomes the epicentre of AI ethics discussions, set against the backdrop of the historic Athens Conservatory.

This exclusive event promises a rich tapestry of insights, featuring:

1. Philosophers’ Panel: Join esteemed thought leaders Professor John Tasioulas and Professor Josiah Ober as they unveil their pioneering white paper on Aristotelian AI ethics, igniting philosophical discourse.

2. Practitioners’ Panel: Gain invaluable perspectives from industry luminaries representing the technical, entrepreneurial, and regulatory spheres of AI. Explore the dynamic interplay between theory and real-world application, paving the way for ethical innovation.

3. Speech by the Prime Minister of Greece: The audience will be addressed by Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis

4. Scholarly Presentations: Immerse yourself in the latest research of emerging scholars dedicated to advancing Aristotelian AI ethics. Engage in intimate breakout sessions, fostering dialogue and collaboration among the brightest minds of tomorrow.