Recruiter Spotlight: Oxford Nanopore Technologies

This event is open only to current doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers from the University of Oxford.

Oxford Nanopore makes a novel generation of DNA/RNA sequencing technology that provides rich data, is fast, accessible and easy to use. Nanopore’s goal is to disrupt the way that biological analyses are currently performed, and open up new applications that have a profound, positive impact on society.
In this seminar, you will hear from Dr James Graham, Director of Protein Sequencing at Nanopore on what it is like to work at the company as a scientist, what types of roles are available and what skills are in demand. James did his DPhil and a post-doc at the University of Oxford.
You will have an opportunity to network over lunch.
These seminars are particularly suited to post-doctoral researchers who are considering or would like to learn more about working in industry and expand their pool of career options.
This seminar is brought to you by the Industry Fellows and Post-docs Network (IFPN). The IFPN is run by the Business Partnership Office in Medical Sciences has around 100 members, including both researchers who are working on industry projects and those who have recently completed a fellowship: