OxFOS - Plan S Rights Retention Strategy for open research

Some examples of questions will be circulated to participants before the event – this will be used to inform and illustrate the questions and responses. It is not a requirement to read the examples before the event.

Scholarly authors have typically handed over the rights in their works to publishers. Doing so puts control of those works in the hands of publishers. Many publishers then limit the uses that authors are able to make of their own work, resulting in barriers to the widest possible dissemination of the information and knowledge they contain. To counteract these barriers and control of content, cOAlition S research funders have developed a Rights Retention Strategy which has a two-fold effect: 1) for funded research findings to be made freely and widely available, and 2) to enable researchers to disseminate and re-use their own content.

Presenters from cOAlition S will address the following:

Who and what are cOAlition S and Plan S?
Why has Plan S adopted its Rights Retention Strategy (RRS) and what is it?
How have journal publishers responded to the RRS?
Aren’t rights retention matters too difficult and time consuming for academic authors?
Agents for change