An assessment framework for funders to optimize the scale-up and spread of health research and innovation
Abstract: For the last ten years Alberta Innovates (AI) Health has implemented numerous “fit for purpose” impact assessments using the Canadian Academy of Health Services impact framework (CAHS, 2009) as a guide. The international six block protocol (ISRIA, 2018) was used to plan, implement and manage these impact assessments. Using a common framework that traces the translation of research to practice and impact is useful for creating a shared vision and having common language and tools. Although significant advances have been made in research translation, comparatively less attention has been paid to providing clear strategies and practical decision-making tools for broader scale-up/down and spread of effective health interventions for achieving health impact. To address this gap a Partnership for Research and Innovation for the Health System (PRIHS) between Alberta Innovates and Alberta Health Services was created. The presentation describes the underlying philosophy of this initiative and use of strategic clinical networks as “diffusers of innovation”. In addition, an overview of the assessment approach and implementation of decision making tools will be provided (e.g. impact plan, pathways to impact, stage gate approach to reviewing projects, economic model, new data capture and review processes, etc.). The presentation will end with progress to date and lessons learned in advancing both the science and practice of scale up/down and spread: shared vision of impact, leadership commitment, champions, effective integrated business processes, implementation science capacity and continued trust among partners. A peer to peer discussion about promising implementation practices, emerging tools and meaningful measures will follow.

Biography: Kathryn is a co‐founder of the International School on Research Impact Assessment and was Director of the School when it was hosted in Banff in 2014. She is the Executive Director of Performance Management and Evaluation at Alberta Innovates, a Canadian‐based publicly‐funded provincial health research and innovation organization. She has over 20 years of strategic evaluation experience in health care and health research and innovation. Her expertise is in developing performance management, evaluation and impact assessment strategies as well as implementing measurement frameworks for various systems, organizations and programs. She and her team customized the implementation of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (2009) research impact assessment framework. Kathryn is an adviser on numerous national and international committees that focus on the assessment of research and innovation and invited to present nationally and internationally.
Date: 16 November 2018, 11:45 (Friday, 6th week, Michaelmas 2018)
Venue: Ship Street Centre, 4 Ship Street OX1 3DA
Speaker: Dr Kathryn Graham (Alberta Innovates, Canada)
Part of: International Symposium "In the Trenches: Research Translation For Health Impact"
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