Developing a Medical Device: What’s The Commercial Opportunity? – A case study-based exploration of key questions

The Translational Research Office invites you to a series of webinars to explore the keys steps towards the development of a medical device, helping to transform great ideas into successful innovations.
You will be guided by successful entrepreneurs and experts through the key steps to successfully develop your medical device idea into innovations that can change clinical practices and improve patient lives. In this webinar series, we will explore how to build a market and commercial strategy for your device, how and when to think about your medical device regulatory requirements, how to design and develop a medical device effectively, how to develop a robust intellectual property and investment strategy, and how to facilitate the clinical adoption of your device.

Overview of the program:

Week 1 Introductory session
Week 2 What’s The Commercial Opportunity?
Week 3 Navigating the regulatory process
Week 4 Design and Development
Week 5 Navigating IP and Investment
Week 6 Clinical Adoption and Market Access