Two Day Workshop: The Moral Psychology of War


If you would like to register to attend the workshop, please email with your name and institutional affiliation. Participant numbers will be limited to ensure a fruitful discussion. Papers will be pre-circulated and taken as read. Please only register if you are willing to read the papers in advance.


Schedule (*Responding authors mentioned first)

Diverting Terror in its Tracks: Experimental Evidence on Moral Judgments in Battlefield Trolley Dilemmas, Rose McDermott* (Brown University), James W. Davis (University of St Gallen), Erik Lin-Greenberg (MIT)

The Construction of Liability: How Civilians’ Involvement in War Affects their Victimization, Mara Redlich Revkin* (Georgetown University), Janina Dill (University of Oxford)

Aggression and Retaliation in Cyberspace: What Can Experimental Data Teach Us about the Ethics of Cyberwarfare? Daphna Canetti* (University of Haifa), Michael L. Gross (University of Haifa), Ryan Shandler (University of Haifa)

The Possibility of Violence, Fiery Andrews Cushman (Harvard University)

Material Benefits Crowd Out Moralistic Punishment, Tage Rai (AAAS)

Emotion, Ethics, and Military Virtues, Mitt Regan* (Georgetown University), Kevin Mullaney (U.S. Naval Academy)

The Consent of “the Intervened”: Moral Intuitions About Other-Defence and Support for Military Intervention Abroad, Livia Schubiger* (Duke University), Janina Dill (University of Oxford)

Malicious Motives or Innocent Intentions? How Moral Reactions to ‘Collateral Damage’ Shape Perceptions of Intent in Wartime Conduct, David Traven* (California State University-Fullerton), Marcus Holmes (The College of William and Mary), Jonathan Chu (Stanford University)


Discussants: A. Burcu Bayram (University of Arkansas), Neta Crawford (Boston University), Rose McDermott (Brown University), Neele Engelmann (Georg-August Universität Göttingen), Joshua Kertzer (Harvard University), Bernhard Leidner (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Jeff McMahan (University of Oxford), Benjamin Valentino (Dartmouth College)