Skoll Centre Research for Action Network Launch

The Research for Action Network is an inter-disciplinary, university-wide network that will connect, equip, and support DPhils and early career researchers who want to use their expertise to help tackle critical global challenges.
This Network is designed to support their development as academics, while embedding and encouraging actionable, impact-oriented approaches to research.
This is the launch event of the network, and it is open to all Oxford DPhils and early career researchers. It will be particularly interesting to those who consider actionable research to be a critical component to solving the world’s most pressing problems. The event will include an explanation of the intention for the network from the network chairs, and facilitated networking.
The vision is to create a high quality network of academic researchers that are renowned not only for the excellence of their research, but also their ability to use that knowledge to help tackle critical global challenges. Network events and resources will facilitate collaboration between academics across disciplines and with non-academic partners. The network is structured around 6 themes: Health, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Peace and Human Rights, Economic Opportunity and Sustainable Markets.
We hope to see you there. Drinks and snacks will be provided.